Lethal obligations

1st session - Priest Mikhal

After a very shaky start, with no-one quite knowing what was going on, our intrepid adventurers found themselves at Priest Mikhal’s church of Erathis. Mikhal had asked them there to discuss a problem that had stricken his congregation. He explained that a number of his congregation (10 – 15) had gone missing, last seen leaving their homes on the way to work. It was an increasingly frequent occurance, and Mikhal was desperate to find out where they had gone.

Armed with a few clues, the party did some investigation in the western district of Selgaunt, hoping to find some answers amongst the friends and family of those missing. Techumpsa used his well honed street-smarts to track down and question one such relative, resulting in a lead pointing west of the city gates. The party immediately set forth, braving the wilds to pass the [inn] on the road west, and eventually came upon a suspicious trail, off of the main road.

Following the trail in the increasingly thick fog, the adventurers happened across a dilapidated and deserted village. Exploring carefully, they soon came across a host of Kobolds and Fire Beetles, and a strange 4 winged flying creature. After a protracted battle, with the Beetles in particular inflicting heavy damage, Tharyl was shot in the face, and his hair set ablaze. Once extinguished, the party continued to combat the monster threat, eventually vanquishing their pathetic foe. Brief exploration after the battle resulted in a discovery of some small items of treasure.

With light fading, and the fog still hovering over the village, the adventurers must decide what to do next…

800 XP / 5 = 160 XP per character.


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