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Here we discus and describe the various elements of the game world. Check back regularly to see updated descriptions and stats of NPCs and items you encounter, as well as more broad explanations of the campaign setting. The Adventure Log tab will give you a chronological blog-style summary of every game session after it has taken place, so please try to read this prior to every session, and definitely if you have missed out on one.


Lucian Phaeqel Borridian – Drow Rogue (Striker)

Tharyl Killeplith Ansah – Elven Ranger (Striker)


The campaign takes place on the continent of Faerûn, in the Forgotten Realms setting. This should be immediately familiar to you, as it has been the home of such great games as Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale, and Neverwinter Nights. While the settings are identical, please don’t take the events in these games as canonical, we will leave that to the Forgotten Realms Players Guide and Campaign Guide. You can use the Maps tab to view a geographic representation of the region, as well as plenty of smaller tactical maps from our actual gameplay.

As the campaign goes on, I will play with events and characters found in the Forgotten Realms, so please don’t become too attached to any particular facts. That said, I will be looking to the players to offer a large slice of the knowledge and flavour of the world, so please get reading (especially if your character has knowledge skills in a particular subject).

Selgaunt, Sembia, Faerûn

Selgaunt is where our intrepid (or insipid) heroes will start their adventure. The city lies at the estuary of the river Arkhen, half way between elven forest, and a more substantial human presence. In most respects, it feels like an average inland city, and, aside from being very short of dwarves, is an excellent place to begin a life of excitement and adventure.

Most of the power of the city is vested in it’s lord-mayor, Content Not Found: lord-pettumal. His family has run the city for generations, but the rumour on the street is that he is running scared, as riots amongst the middle-classes have been spreading through Faerûn. Any assistance the players can give him should be greeted with gratitude, at least, that’s how the smart money sees it. He is assisted by his old friend Content Not Found: fhauvial-gentleharp, a smart, savvy sorcerer whose age, wisdom and power seem to make her an ill fitting retainer of the lord.

i) Brief History of Selgaunt

Selgaunt is a metropolis with over 56,000 inhabitants, and is the largest and one of the wealthiest cities in the merchant nation of Sembia. Its nature is that of a port city located on the northwestern shore of the Sea of Fallen Stars at the mouth of the river Arkhen. This was originally a slave city begotten from the shores of western civilization, hence forthe known as Selgaunt. The founder of the city of Selgaunt was a poor novelist by the name of Barthoemue Jacobie Rankster from the first age.

Click here for a map (yeah, I finally got one… it’s not great, but is a good basis).

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