“Lethal Obligations” introduces the player characters into a world steeped in political machinations, boons and favours, sinister plotting, and great deal of murderous intent. Set in Faerûn, LO is a campaign designed to thrust PCs into high-profile situations, and dangerous adventuring. You will travel the length and breadth of the world seeking answers to long-standing questions, and be forced to repeatedly make moral and logistical decisions that will have far-reaching consequences.

Recent events

The dwarves have recently been embroiled in a great amount of political and societal upheaval. An unknown adversary is rapidly thinning the continent of its dwarven population, and dwarves from the mountains have not been seen in months. Other inhabitants of Faerûn are very worried, and rumours are flying of a new terror on the rise.

Humans too, have seen upheaval, but in a much more positive manner. New consensus has been reached amongst the larger human factions, and there is talk of a new political entity on the rise that will give power to even the lowliest serf. Civil works are on the up, and many humans are very optimistic of the future. However, other races have not received this evidence of a new human renaissance particularly well.

Lethal obligations

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